Listen to your haters in 2018 use their best words to win!

2018 is the perfect time to listen to your biggest critics and haters. It will literally transform the way you perform and produce in this world of moral fashioned mortals.

Ever seen someone with a supercold look on they face as if it’s freezing outside but its spring weather people are wearing shorts and skirts? It’s because this person knows how cold this world and emotional life can be so you must always be prepared. Prepare to look at these emotional relationships like investments be sure to take ya emotions out and cash in sometimes.

People are literally having to destroy relationships due to the lack of simply saying what actions you oppose. It's understandable that actions like this will be normal in the future. We evoke a belief that noone should listen to the others point.

If only arguments originated from productive conversations you can fix so much just by saying I understand not advance toward separation. We must be able to point out our own communicative flaws and lea…

Work Blood Pressure

My new job at Chiropractic Injury Clinics has put me and my co-workers on a full schedule this week we work from Monday-Saturday now, it's my first time working a full schedule since I started the job in November 2017. It's difficult to transition these hours and traveling home to study or do anything health-related.

I didn't prepare fully for this full schedule but it's still good for my learning and getting the mechanics down as far as administration. I'm so used to working on a website post, blog post, or just doing research to better understand health terminology or proper medical coding. I'm so used to upkeeping all my social media to any site you can say has over 100 million subscribers in America I've created a profile.

The work isn't difficult at all it's actually fun doing some of the things I do for patients. While it's the same as customer service, I also play a role in physical therapy and billing verification. My phone skills aren…

God's Plan : Preparing for my CPC-Exam : Medical Billing and Coding

As of yesterday, I've really been studying solely on my Certified Professional Coding Exam. The preparing part of these classes is 150 easy-to-difficult leveled question with five packets consisting of 150 questions each. Thanks to my alma mater Ultimate Medical Academy. I'm also learning and relearning new guidelines and terminology being a medical billing specialist or medical coder has very intricate rules the principle for the exam is to prove you know the guidelines thoroughly and to show you can work with physicians and healthcare providers on a day-to-day basis.

It shouldn't be a problem for me, I'm learning how to work with doctors at my job now Chiropractic Injury Clinics where we provide patients with Chiropractic care along with therapies and spinal manipulation. So I'm very much indulged in conversation with four doctors constantly, and as smart as doctors are they're interestingly open to different suggestions making it easier to communicate. It'…

Mighty Healthy : Health Surround 365

I used to be a fast runner in 2017 running a 1.5 mile in less than eleven minutes mighty healthy, Today I try to get my mile within the 6-minute mark and it's not easy. The running isn't the difficult part it's focus, to run that far take a large amount of mental strength and power.

I'm might healthy to run at that speed, it's should be no worries to complete a 3.1 mile run in a fast and durable time. Even though it took me eleven minutes to run 1.5 miles, I think I did good but it must be a little faster to complete the goal I'm setting. I know it's more than just my speed that affecting the times, I have a new found concern after having a foot physical scan.

Usain Bolt can run the mile in less than four minutes so his mind power is probably not human but powerful as I want mine to be. The neurophysiology Bolt has is not up for competition unless you've trained your mind to beat out Usain and his world records. I don't know about you but I'll …

01-2018 Running for my Health : Health Surround 365

I've been training to become a future runner for a non-profit marathon. I want to run a 5k event somewhere I've never been before. It's gonna take traveling and doing something new and different that I’m not used to doing. I'm slowly believing one day at a time that it's possible meanwhile I've been practicing running, it’s something I really enjoy doing. My goal is to compete and run a 5k in under 20 minutes. I will make it happen.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on my mile time and making sure that my body is balanced to prevent muscle strains and ligament tears. One thing that I’ve done is get on vibration plate therapy. It has increased my blood circulation helping my brain all the way down to the soles of my feet. Achieving balance and fewer inflammations after vigorous workouts. As soon as I got on this machine about 20 minutes every other day. I was in shape to run miles under 7 minutes some of my fastest times since early high school runs.

I post my times I…

Pay Attention to your Mental Health

I believe your mental health is more important than your physical health, with both combined they work as a unit. Focusing too much on physical health and worrying less about your mental health can leave you unbalanced.

Make sure you focus on both and don't focus too much on your physical health without paying attention to your mood and brain health. A deteriorating mind can bring all type of trouble, your physical condition won’t even matter if your brain isn’t stable.

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Patients:Bad attitudes to high gratitude

Some patients go through a lot on a daily basis facing epidemics like family issues or stress-related events. Sometimes the doctors don’t really have a clue on a patient's struggles. Healthcare providers can easily sense bad attitudes on patients from the beginning of a conversation. At times nurses, assistants, and even doctors struggle to keep personal emotions at bay during first-time visits, and simple consultations. A simple mood enhancer or spark of love could easily be the answer and at times we forget about any solutions and go straight to work. One thing I do know is two bad attitudes never equal a positive treatment. Focused on helping the patient  The main focus of any doctor is to help the patient fix the problems they're having no matter the field. It takes maximum vision to remember full procedures and remains focused on each and every issue with personality. The doctors lead the conversations nine-out-of-ten times. You shouldn’t take any advice from a good doct…