Patients:Bad attitudes to high gratitude

Some patients go through a lot on a daily basis facing epidemics like family issues or stress-related events. Sometimes the doctors don’t really have a clue on a patient's struggles. Healthcare providers can easily sense bad attitudes on patients from the beginning of a conversation. At times nurses, assistants, and even doctors struggle to keep personal emotions at bay during first-time visits, and simple consultations. A simple mood enhancer or spark of love could easily be the answer and at times we forget about any solutions and go straight to work. One thing I do know is two bad attitudes never equal a positive treatment.

Focused on helping the patient 

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The main focus of any doctor is to help the patient fix the problems they're having no matter the field. It takes maximum vision to remember full procedures and remains focused on each and every issue with personality. The doctors lead the conversations nine-out-of-ten times. You shouldn’t take any advice from a good doctor the wrong way, your doctor is so focused on helping you they can sometimes overlook personal issues you face especially if your new and wanting healing.

Being a chiropractic assistant is a great job for me, my whole movement is to have a purpose while working not just focused on any one thing that I do, It feels great to do this kind of work teaching people exercises and walking them through therapies along with desk work and phone duties. A patient was having a difficult time coming to the office for his treatment, the patient was under heavy amounts of stress, but during the exercises, the patient continuously thanked the doctor and me for help with his back and flexibility, it felt really good to help and I know the work must continue.

Chiropractic Injury Clinic

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