01-2018 Running for my Health : Health Surround 365

1 mile close to that five-minute mark
what a change, I'm moving fast
and over 200 lbs
I've been training to become a future runner for a non-profit marathon. I want to run a 5k event somewhere I've never been before. It's gonna take traveling and doing something new and different that I’m not used to doing. I'm slowly believing one day at a time that it's possible meanwhile I've been practicing running, it’s something I really enjoy doing. My goal is to compete and run a 5k in under 20 minutes. I will make it happen.

Completing my fastest time get a
big smile out of me

Lately, I’ve been focusing on my mile time and making sure that my body is balanced to prevent muscle strains and ligament tears. One thing that I’ve done is get on vibration plate therapy. It has increased my blood circulation helping my brain all the way down to the soles of my feet. Achieving balance and fewer inflammations after vigorous workouts. As soon as I got on this machine about 20 minutes every other day. I was in shape to run miles under 7 minutes some of my fastest times since early high school runs.

I post my times Instagram @Marshall_Mula to show my results and improvement. Plus I’m doing event research to see what type of runs I couldn't join this year. I get nervous thinking about joining a race because I don't want to stop and quit during the run. I need to overcome the doubt and sign-up.


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