God's Plan : Preparing for my CPC-Exam : Medical Billing and Coding

As of yesterday, I've really been studying solely on my Certified Professional Coding Exam. The preparing part of these classes is 150 easy-to-difficult leveled question with five packets consisting of 150 questions each. Thanks to my alma mater Ultimate Medical Academy. I'm also learning and relearning new guidelines and terminology being a medical billing specialist or medical coder has very intricate rules the principle for the exam is to prove you know the guidelines thoroughly and to show you can work with physicians and healthcare providers on a day-to-day basis.

Ended up at a retail store to prepare for my exam
. Just practicing focus
It shouldn't be a problem for me, I'm learning how to work with doctors at my job now Chiropractic Injury Clinics where we provide patients with Chiropractic care along with therapies and spinal manipulation. So I'm very much indulged in conversation with four doctors constantly, and as smart as doctors are they're interestingly open to different suggestions making it easier to communicate. It's a great experience learning from educated professionals is always good for future reference.
. I'm at the

As I study all the dreams that I see start to form for my future form making my smile brighter. My job is helping others achieve and maintain health. It supports the goals I have to develop even the highest educated citizens. Everyone needs classes or sessions to learn what they don't know. My dreams are starting to escalate quickly and it separates from a lot of people that haven't taken their future seriously. I woke up saying to myself should I start a company called #HealthSurround365Billing


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