Work Blood Pressure

My new job at Chiropractic Injury Clinics has put me and my co-workers on a full schedule this week we work from Monday-Saturday now, it's my first time working a full schedule since I started the job in November 2017. It's difficult to transition these hours and traveling home to study or do anything health-related.

I didn't prepare fully for this full schedule but it's still good for my learning and getting the mechanics down as far as administration. I'm so used to working on a website post, blog post, or just doing research to better understand health terminology or proper medical coding. I'm so used to upkeeping all my social media to any site you can say has over 100 million subscribers in America I've created a profile.

The work isn't difficult at all it's actually fun doing some of the things I do for patients. While it's the same as customer service, I also play a role in physical therapy and billing verification. My phone skills aren't the worse but I enjoy the chance to learn while getting paid. 

I'm practicings drinking healthier
I thank God for the opportunity to work with doctors in the medical field, my mission is to help them as much as possible and maybe earn a position that supports growth in a medical business while helping the patient heal. I also like sharing with my online community also where I can impart my wisdom freely. Sending messages of health around the country. I feel like what I'm learning is valuable so I'll continue to share.


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