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Eating healthy at good ole Picadilly
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I used to be a fast runner in 2017 running a 1.5 mile in less than eleven minutes mighty healthy, Today I try to get my mile within the 6-minute mark and it's not easy. The running isn't the difficult part it's focus, to run that far take a large amount of mental strength and power.

I'm might healthy to run at that speed, it's should be no worries to complete a 3.1 mile run in a fast and durable time. Even though it took me eleven minutes to run 1.5 miles, I think I did good but it must be a little faster to complete the goal I'm setting. I know it's more than just my speed that affecting the times, I have a new found concern after having a foot physical scan.

At the HE Holmes feeling really good
restored and alive
Usain Bolt can run the mile in less than four minutes so his mind power is probably not human but powerful as I want mine to be. The neurophysiology Bolt has is not up for competition unless you've trained your mind to beat out Usain and his world records. I don't know about you but I'll chill on the humble side and shoot for my own world record.

Soon I'll start working on the arches in my feet, I found a few workouts you can do to re-calibrate the arches in return make me run a lot faster. I'll definitely start that rehab after I was examined I found that my feet are severely flat. After some valuable information from one of my chiropractor, I found some interesting to help with workouts with feet I could try. I let you know if my feet enjoy the physical therapy.


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