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First Opioid Court | Opiod Court Judge | Health Surround 365

The first opioid court in my opinion looks like a great idea for the legal justice system. Nothing like giving a immediate response to drug users that have real abusive habits concerning drugs. Drug addictions has ended to many lives, and it's time for a change. I see nothing better than to have a judge face-to-face on a regular basis that can help improve recovery. Looks like a very positive thing, instead of inflicting more and more punishment on addictive personalities "Opioid Court" can be a great answer.

Please take a look and salute Judge Hannah, we need more interviews with judges doing new credible things like this. NBC news did a great job with the article make sure you take a look

One in Three Americans Took Prescription Opioid Painkillers in 2015,

No prescription Ended in Murder (Indiana) | Prescription News | Health Surround 365

In Indiana a man shot and killed a doctor for not prescribing his wife "Prescription Opioids". Hours after finding out that the doctor didn't prescribe the medicine the horrific event begin. After shooting the doctor twice he shot and killed himself. Drugs such as Oxycotin, Oxycodone, and Methadone are used to help relieve pain in patients for all type of illnesses and surgeries. Details on the actual medication isn't revealed.

New York Daily News Coverage

It's very sad that this doctor by the name of Todd Graham lost his life dealing with "Prescription Opioids" & the news makes it seem like the abuse and addiction doesn't factor. 

What's considered so important about this incident to me is these drugs are causing problems in the urban & professional community. To see someone in the business of prescribing medicines lose their life in this manor is very alarming.  

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How Acetic Acid Can Help | Apple Cider Vinegar | Health Advice | Health Surround 365

Watch this video as Dr. Eric Berg explains the different ways that Apple Cider Vinegar can change your life. From weight-loss to arthritis. He destroys the myths while explaining the good benefits. The healing properties are astonishing. Take a look

Questions  Have you ever taken this vinegar, did you know it was a acetic acid? Did you learn anything or needed any additional information on exactly how this product works?

Opioids 2017 | Prescriptions Opioids | Health News | Health Surround 365

Facts about Opioid Prescriptions  Opiods are a group of synthetic chemicals that produces effects like those of a opiate which is a narcotic drug. Nearly 300 million prescriptions of these drugs were recorded in 2014. Since 1999 the number of prescriptions have quadrupled. According to the CDC around 50% of all overdoses involved opioid prescriptions.

Lawsuits against the Pharmaceutical Companies   Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, California, Missouri and Oklahoma all have something in common they are suing the pharmaceutical companies that are distributing these drugs by the millions. Instead of me getting in the billions yes billions these pharma companies make. I have to let people know that addiction isn't some of the user choices. These drugs are so addictive that doctors are combating the addiction to create opioid antagonist which block the synthetic opioids

Substance Abuse I know we all have our own opinion on substance abuse with prescription drugs, but thi…

Migraines Simplified | Health Article | Health Surround 365 | Causes and Cures

Migraines are throbbing & painful headaches that affect any side of the head and can affect children in the abdominal area causing vomiting and pain. Migraines occur more often in people with epilepsy, depression, stroke, asthma, anxiety, and individuals with neurological and hereditary disorders. CT scans and MRI's are used for correctly diagnosing headaches and migraines.
Over-the-Counter Medicine
Common OTCs medicines used for headaches are aspirin, naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. To avoid toxicity, ulcers, and other gastrointestinal problems do not take more than the advised dosage. Overdosing can be a even more problematic issue causing more migraines.
Preventive Medicine
Ways to prevent or counter-act migraines and headaches are relaxation techniques. With a little extra typing and hunting on google you will see the different ways to reduce "stress caused headaches". Meditations such as deep breathing, guided imagery, and self hypnosis can…