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Work it out with your family | Be genuine with them 
One of the best thing you can do with your family is make things right. Always approach each person with understanding and show so much love you can't be refused, and if you are rejected own up to the judgement. Don't be afraid to admit that your wrong.

Go for what's best in both you guys situation. Never worry about if your message is getting through that big wall of misunderstanding. Let your family know that you understand, and just do the most and go out your way. Don't matter if you get the respect right then and there it'll come in different ways. Especially in other situations in your life.

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Be energetic with your family | Pay more attention to them 
You know the rich people say in order to get what you want in life you need to go out your way to complete a service or help someone out. We need to take that same attitude towards our family relationships. Le'ts go out our way to make sure they are peaceful and stress free. Doing materialistic things like giving rides or passing money out isn't enough. You have to make sure the mental and emotional aspect is working and healing that family member. Leaving a family member alone cannot be the best answer. If you love your cousin, grandma, parents then you will step in and make subtle moves to help them heal.

Everybody has issues and that's the best thing about family. We can help and heal our own love ones with all type of good activity. One of the best things i've done with my family is go working out on a treadmill at a gym. We both were building and working together at the same time. That definitely helps, continuously looking after your families health is the definition of love.


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